In addition to the many free services you’ll find on our website here at H A Beasley & Company, there are several MEMBERS ONLY tools and services. (Request access to use any of the tools below by contacting us and applying for your unique, secure client code and password.) These tools and services include:

Cybercabinet. Our Cybercabinet provides our clients with Internet-based Document Storage and Management that is easily accessible while being both secure and remotely backed up. As an H A Beasley & Company client, you can apply for your unique client code and password by emailing

Once you're authorized to log in to the secure, MEMBERS ONLY, portion of our website, you’ll see your Cybercabinet folder. Documents you save to your personal Cybercabinet will be instantly shared with your contact at H A Beasley & Company. (No more faxing or mailing. Just scan paper documents and save them to Cybercabinet or save your Adobe, Excel, Word or other files directly to your personal document management system (Cybercabinet).

Accountant’s Relief. Clients who have set up their H A Beasley & Company client code and password can also choose to use our “Accountant’s Relief” INTERNET-BASED BOOKKEEPING AND ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE. Yes, we’re QuickBooks ProAdvisors and yes, we’re Peachtree Partners, but many small business owners, professional practitioners and others will see clear advantages in our Internet-based accounting solution.

Many of our clients can use this valuable tool without additional fees or charges, depending on services already provided by H A Beasley & Company, PLLC. All of our clients can apply for a free 30-day “TEST-DRIVE” of this unique bookkeeping and accounting system. There are numerous unique advantages of Accountant’s Relief:

  1. Easy sharing of bookkeeping and accounting responsibilities with your co-workers and your contact person(s) at H A Beasley & Company.
  2. Secure access coupled with constant remote backup of your data, greatly reducing the risk that you’ll lose your accounting data and be forced to start over.
  3. Secure access to your accounting system anywhere that you can safely log on to the Internet.
  4. No need to backup and send, bring or mail your accounting data to your accountant or tax preparer. You can both share the live version of your accounting data at the same time, from separate physical locations. Your contact here at our firm can log in and view your accounting data just as easily as you can, 24/7. Anyone who’s spent time sending their backup or accountant’s copy back and forth to their accountant knows that this is a real time saver.
  5. Yes you may still want to purchase training or support assistance from us here at H A Beasley & Company, but you’ll find it easier to get the help you need without having to physically get together with us and your accounting data all in the same place. We’ll be able view the same information on our separate Internet connection at the same time your looking at it from you separate location. That could save a lot of time.

Tax Organizer. You can request approval to access our Internet-based tax organizer tools. Use these computer-based tools to enter and organize your various income and deduction items. Once you’ve entered your data, click the “export” symbol at the top to save and/or print your work in Excel format. As with Cybercabinet and Accountant’s Relief, your contact person at H A Beasley & Company will have simultaneous access to your tax organizer information as you enter and develop it. Once again, your information will be both secure and remotely backed up.

Payroll Relief. Payroll Relief is one of our affordable options for processing your company, farm or other payroll. Most payroll clients can use this service for one reasonable, all-inclusive per-payroll fee. This Internet-based payroll solution offers many no-additional-charge choices including:

  1. Direct Deposit of some or all paychecks, or
  2. Let us print some or all paychecks, or
  3. You can print some or all paychecks.
  4. Electronic payment of all taxes and other payroll-related obligations.
  5. Easy integration and interaction between Payroll Relief and your Accountant’s relief accounting software solution.
  6. “Set-it-and-forget” scheduling for repetitive salaried direct deposits and other regular, fixed, payroll-related payments.
  7. Flexible sharing of your payroll responsibilities with your contact at H A Beasley & Company.